Hi there. I'm an award-winning technology reporter at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). I write, edit and make radio about technology, science and culture.

Most recently, I was technology editor at The Conversation. My work has been published in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Australian Financial Review and Slate, among other places.

Written work

I wrote these things, and a lot more:

He Helped People Cheat at Grand Theft Auto. Then His Home Was Raided.
New York Times

'It's an intense public display': How YouTube subscribers punish celebrities

Has the Google of South Korea Found a Way to Save Struggling News Outlets?
The Atlantic

In rural Australia, a generation gap widens over climate change
New York Times

Sex workers fear the internet could become off limits

Google Maps pioneers explain what's next, with predictive mapping in real time
Australian Financial Review

Lifestyles of the Insta-famous: How these Aussie kids are selling themselves on Instagram

The exclusive Tesla club: The Australians paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the electric dream

Impulse Buy: How instant purchases change the way we see the world

Radio work

I made this radio, and a lot more.

How vaping will make you free
Background Briefing, Radio National

Amazon under fire for attempting to hide its Australian emissions data
Breakfast, Radio National

Politicians are tracking Australian voters for their data
Breakfast, Radio National

The graphene revolution - is it happening?
The Science Show, Radio National

Crowdfunding medical care: What does its rise say about Australia's health system?
The Health Report, Radio National

More of my ABC work can be found here.

And I'm here: @arielbogle